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Gerald Gloade

Gerald Gloade

Welcome to Mi’kma’ki: Glooscap Legends, Oral History and Cultural Memory Timeline

Gerald Gloade is an artist and educator who is currently the Program Development Officer for the Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre. Gerald started his career working as a graphic designer for the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources’ Communications and Education Branch more than 25 years ago. The focus of his work with the Province moved from forestry education and graphic art to sharing his culture and history in the landscape and environment of Mi’kma’ki with audiences of all ages. As an artist, educator and Mi’kmaw storyteller, Gerald guides the development of visitor and educational programs for the centre. His stories and interpretations of the Glooscap legends in particular have captivated many audiences.

Glooscap Legends, Oral histories and our Cultural Memory Timeline

Looking at the oral history, of our Mi’kmaw ancestors, we see that these legends were not just stories of fantasy and fancy. They were recollections of actual occurrences that took place here in what has become to be known as Nova Scotia. We are using the knowledge of these Legends to confirm the findings of many scientific disciplines.

Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre


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